Whilst I like to make things up, sometimes it’s nice to write things which aren’t completely conjured from the back of my brain. Here are some of the articles and blogs I’ve written recently. (Surprise, surprise, they’re mainly about books.) I’m also a dab hand at writing copy, as this brochure shows.

If you’d like me to write for you, please get in touch.

Standard Issue Magazine

Why I Love Georgette Heyer
On the unparalleled talent of the creator of the regency romance. 

A piteous piece on an unexpected tragedy.

A humorous tirade on the tyranny of uninvited guests. 

A Cup Full of Blood
I rave about mooncups, in a hopefully-funny piece about menstruation.

See all of my Standard Issue Magazine pieces.

The Norwich Radical

The Freedom of a Library
A piece on the extraordinary virtue of a library.

BORDERLINES: The Privilege of Passports and the Danger of Dual Citizenship
As part of the Borderlines series on migration, I wrote about having dual nationality.


We Love This Book

Pushing Boundaries with Brave New Reads
Exploring Brave New Reads, a shared reading programme.


Pieces for Publishers

Discovering Vladislavić – One of South Africa’s Finest Writers – Ampersand: And Other Stories
On meeting Ivan Vladislavic, author of The Restless Supermarket.

Love It or Hate It- But Don’t Spread It On Your Toast: Any Other Mouth by Anneliese Mackintosh – Freight Books
Reviewing Any Other Mouth, a 2015 Brave New Reads title. (With a bonus toast topping recipe)

Where do stories come from? The Dead Lake by Hamid Ismailov – Peirene Press
Discussing the origin of stories with reference to Hamid Ismailov’s novella, The Dead Lake.

Falling into Fallen Land by Patrick Flanery – Atlantic Books
Reviewing Fallen Land and a shaky-voiced interview with Patrick Flanery.


Visit Norwich

Norwich City of Literature
On Norwich, a UNESCO City of Literature.